What is the best thing you can do today to improve your health? 


The best thing one can do to improve their health is to meditate every day for at least 5 to 109 minutes minimum, it is proven that it can help you work stress-free for a day. The kingdom of heaven and health is within us only we can create that heaven and health by having discipline in life. One should make their proper day routine which ahead to the healthy road. Meditation helps to balance out between your mind and body. Now all the beginners can just go and sit straight in peace place and then close their eyes. Start focus on your breath in and out that’s how you can be able to focus on yourself and block the negative thoughts that will come in between. It is not important that you must do your meditation in the morning time only if you are an office going or college or school going and not getting time in the morning, you can do it at any time of the day.  

What is the best thing you can do today to improve your health? 

To Do:

Sleep well it’s all about planning, you have an excuse or a choice whatever works for you. Your sleep is your biggest and most powerful tool for your immune system and energy at a cellular level so use it well. One should start with the habit of deep sleep which will calm you down and prepare you well for your next day. The one hour before your bedtime is magical for your sleep quality if you use it the right way, follow the steps mentioned: – Gadgets or phones off, use the one hour to read or journal, plan your tomorrow, reflect, or meditate, make love, just be in silence with your emotions or thoughts, deep breath, and sleep. One could start with box breathing is one of the powerful breathing techniques that work before sleep and many others, to calm you down and fall into a deeper sleep. How to do Box Breathing? Back straight, Inhale, belly rising first for 4 to 5 seconds, or whatever you are comfortable with. Hold your breath for 4,5,3 seconds then exhale for some seconds. Follow the same again for deep sleep. 

Before bedtime reflection for deeper sleep, reflection is powerful for your peace and your brain and mind, it helps you, it relaxes you, it organizes your mind reflect with an open mind don’t judge or indulged in negative self-talk with what comes up during your practice. How one can practice reflection for deeper sleep? Close your eyes, inhale long and slow, exhale longer than you inhale then replay your day from the time you woke up, all the little moments, replay it, recall it. Recall a couple of things or people that made you happy and joyous. Recall a few difficult moments, can you let it g or do something different if those moments come up someday. Reflect on something that you did that made you feel happy and good about yourself today. Also, write about three things or people you are truly grateful for and sleep deep. 

One should move their body every day, yes, every day for a minimum of 30 to 45 minutes. As for exercise or yoga or dance or aerobics, every day keeps your body enthusiastic for daily tasks. One should start with the little movement after sleeping deep for hours, a little upwards dog, cat, or cow, Malasana is a must; the rest how do you feel. This all will be over in less than three minutes then do bathroom rituals. After that do some asanas, pranayama, meditation, prayer, and then sunshine if weather permits you, set the intention for your day. If you haven’t started, it’s never too late to start. Remember. 

Fitness is not about having a perfect body figure, again I am redefining fitness; It ain’t just a lean, ripped body or that perfect figure with perfect curves or muscles and abs. It’s not just body aesthetics. You can have all that and still be sick with depression, visceral fat, high blood pressure, migraines, low sex drive, falling hair, poor gut health, hormonal imbalance, cancer, etc. The true definition f fitness includes you growing in all of these areas:- strength, flexibility, endurance, lab parameters in place, macro and micronutrients I place, healthy emotional health, happiness quotient, ability to feel good inside and out, strong bones, healthy sex or libido, natural cellular energy, ability to sleep, strong mental health, graceful aging, ability to get through the day with no dependence on stimulates (coffee can be enjoyed but not used as a fuel), ability to ground yourself in chaos and adversity, super bowel movement. 

Another most important thing to improve your health is to have a healthy diet. Healthy doesn’t mean sticking with green leafy vegetables, you can try some tempting foods by using healthy ingredients. Most people say to have fast to lose weight or remain healthy. I know many of you can’t fast for a day, but you can start with intermittent fast. Intermittent fasting is a fasting mechanism built in the body and a feasting mechanism, if we go back to evolution, I want you all to understand that we need to think with our own minds not based on what we have learned. We have a lot of fun learning to do, like for example breakfast was not designed by us, it was designed by breakfast cereal companies’ propaganda to make us know breakfast cereal, so you create breakfast it is not needed most people genuinely don’t feel hungry in the morning. Intermittent fasting is great and is the most inexpensive free way to great weight loss also to boost your immunity, inflate your skin, your hair everything’s it’s taken care off. When you fast it improves your sleep quality as well? According to the study one who puts themselves on intermittent fasting and takes sleeping pills priorly to sleep has shown a good impact that they don’t need now. 

It’s time now to make things real, I love my body, moreover, I love how I feel, that’s more important. My lab’s reports are in place touchwood, I suffer from no disease with the grace of the divine. Body image issues are real, and it drives people into depression. It’s time to break out of all of that and it starts with you accepting who you are and how you look, and if you want to change, then it’s time to take small actions. I am cautious with what I eat, but it doesn’t mean that I am rigid. I have occasional desserts, cake, Mysore Pak, tiramisus, pecan, pies, etc with zero guilt because I know my body can balance it with my tongue exercise, sleep, eating without guilt attitude, etc. There are times I may overeat, and my body warns me with bloating, discomfort, etc and I listen and get back on track. I am human and I love to use balance and my own body’s signals to keep it all together. I can lie to you that diet of salads, juices, etc is the only way to e healthy but it ain’t the truth. Health doesn’t have to be complicated and boring until you lose it because you issue it. Everyone is bio-individual in nature and all our nutrition, sleep, exercise will be different for each one, we must find a path. My goal is fitness in mind and body and to feel good, and I am going to do it in a way that suits my goal and happiness.  

The best thing you can do today to improve your health is to draw your boundaries in pencil because they can change as you evolve and things change, be honest about them and discuss them openly with who you must be in a respectful way. You must have boundaries, or you will be taken advantage of answers then that’s your fault, draw them and enforce them. Boost your self-esteem and protect yourself and inner peace by building and enforcing your boundaries. You don’t have to be a doormat. I appreciate what you say and who you are but please don’t talk to me that way, I am okay kissing and being intimate but not in public, I admire and love you but it is not okay with me if you abuse your health. I love spending time with you, but I would also like some quiet time every day, I am comfortable with touching, but I am not yet ready to have sex, it’s not okay for you to go through my phone and messages, please respect that. As much as I did like to help you, I am busy and I have to respectfully say no. I know I have made a mistake but please treat me with respect, my needs are important as well, so I am sorry I can’t do this all this time. Can you please respect my thoughts? I have told you all I have to know I can’t be responsible for your emotions and feelings. Add some more to this exercise of planning your boundaries in spheres of life such as health, sex, love, career, family, etc. If you don’t have boundaries, they will invade your personal space and it will affect your health and happiness, and self-esteem.  

One can also listen to the songs that have a positive impact on your life, on who you are today, your mood, happiness, stir that soul-deep within you, relaxes you, fills you with joy, fills you with love, uplifts you when you low, makes you miss someone like crazy. If music is the good of love, then play it. 

One of the main problems is that most people don’t know how to be happy or find happiness, not because things are always wrong in their life. It’s because they don’t know what truly makes them happy. The focus is still on more money, more fame, more material things, more vices, more meaningless socializing, have all of that, but you need to have a larger reason that brings you true happiness that lasts and just doesn’t fade away as the value of materialism always fades. Studies have shown with a uniformity that the things that bring us true joy and happiness and that we must focus on over and above having it all is health, making memories, friends and family that uplift and make you feel your self and safe, love nature, giving back from the heart, helping one and other, mastering acceptance and letting go, finding joy in small things like that cup of coffee, breeze, your practice, etc. To achieve all the above you need the most important tool mindfulness. Cultivate it. 

To be happy you need to know what truly makes you happy and nurture it like a baby. Simple truths in life answer reality, cultivate inner peace and mindfulness to determine what truly makes you happy and peaceful, stop copying people and looking forward to validation to be happy, no one can help you but yourself to find what makes you happy, remember at the end of the rat race you will still a rat. 

Read this, learn this, absorb this, live this, practice this, if you fail repeat repeatedly until it becomes part of you. The power dose can change your life. “Between stimulus and response is a space. In that space lies our freedom and our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our happiness.” Rightly said by Viktor Frankl. 

At last, I would like to conclude by saying that the best thing you can do to improve yourself is by implementing the above-mentioned things, start making schedules, writing journals, exercise, meditation, yoga, deep sleep, healthy food, etc. It’s not enough to quote it, you gotta love it! It’s not enough to read it and quote it! You gotta understand it and then practice it and then practice it! Too many people consuming content but not putting it into action. Knowledge without action is just knowledge. Stat practicing. 

Consume it and use it and practice it, mindless scrolling will ruin yoke emotions and cognitive health, make the most of it, let it be constructive, not destructive. Walk the talk, practice what you preach and learn, evolve. 

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